How to Install a Rear Outlet Toilet

We recommend consulting professional help if you are unfamiliar with installing bathroom fixtures.


Adjustable Wrench





PVC or ABS Glue
   STEP 1  
  Shut off the water supply lines where the new toilet is being installed.  
   STEP 2  
  If you are installing a two-piece toilet, slide the tank bolts through the mounting holes on the top of the base of the toilet and thread the washers and nuts onto the tank bolts. Verify that the tank is level and alternately tighten the washers and nuts until the tank is resting firmly on the bowl. If your toilet is one piece only, move on to the next step.  
   STEP 3  
  Place the toilet in the location where it will be installed.  
   STEP 4  
  Measure the distance from the back of the waste outlet on the toilet to the wall hub fitting to determine the length of the P-trap connector. The connector should extend approximately 1-1/2" into the hub fitting.  
   STEP 5  
  Trim the P-trap adapter with a hacksaw to the appropriate length as necessary.  
   STEP 6  
  Mark the location of the pre-drilled mounting holes using the holes in the base of the toilet as a template.  
   STEP 7  
  Remove the toilet from the work area and drill mounting holes in the locations designated in the previous step.  
   STEP 8  
  Apply PVC or ABS glue around the P-trap connector and place inside the hub fitting.  
   STEP 9  
  Slide the toilet into place and press the waste outlet into the P-trap connector.  
   STEP 10  
  Once the toilet is securely in place, insert anchor bolts and washers through the mounting holes in the base of the toilet and tighten into the pre-drilled holes created in step 7.  
   STEP 11  
  Place caps over the anchor bolts on the base of the toilet.  
   STEP 12  
  Connect the water supply tubes at the bottom of the tank. Turn on the water supply and flush the toilet several times to check for any leaks around the back or base.  
   STEP 13  
  Attach the toilet seat by placing it on top of the bowl and securing it in place with supplied bolts.  
   STEP 14  
  Finish your installation by applying latex caulk or tile grout around the base of the toilet. This will finish the joint between your floor and toilet bowl and divert water away from the base of the toilet.  


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