Signature Hardware recommends that all items be installed by a licensed professional. Please consult with a local expert if you are unfamiliar with hanging barn door hardware.

Before you begin, two full barn door hardware kits are required to install bypass barn doors. For each stud location on your barn door track, you will also need a bypass barn door bracket, found here. The number required will vary based on track length.

First, hang one of your barn door tracks according to the installation instructions. These can be located at the bottom of the product page under the specifications tab.

Next, mount a bypass bracket at each stud location above the existing rail, ensuring that the rail mounting holes in the brackets are at the same level as the existing rail. This is to make sure the second rail will be level with the first.

Now, mount the second rail kit per the installation instructions to the bypass brackets.

The example below shows how the rails and bypass brackets work together, creating the perfect bypass barn door installation.


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