Light pollution caused by outdoor lighting fixtures has become an increasing environmental concern. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) works to mitigate light pollution by identifying environmentally friendly lighting practices and certifying products as Dark-Sky compliant. They seek to educate consumers on the benefits of Dark-Sky lighting so they can make conscious choices on their outdoor fixtures and their impact on their community.

Dark-Sky compliant lighting minimizes glare and blue light in the evening while simultaneously reducing light trespass and skyglow.

Signature Hardware lighting listed as Dark-Sky compliant will meet the following criteria as required by the IDA:

  • The light fixture must be fully shielded and emit no light above the horizontal plane.
  • Light bulbs must be fully contained within the light fixture.
  • The correlated color temperature may not exceed 3000 Kelvin.
  • If non-IDA approved mounting, our interchangeable lightbulbs are available, Dark-Sky criteria will be provided in writing for the fixture advising the use of 3000K CCT or lower light bulbs and that the lighting be fix mounted at a 90-degree angle to avoid upward light exposure.
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