Bathtub Tap Deck 7" Drilling


Before you begin, Signature Hardware recommends that you consult a professional if you are unfamiliar with drilling bathtubs. Damage as a result of drilling is not covered under our quality guarantee.

The following instructions are for a 7" tap deck drilling. To complete this project, you will need a laser level, pencil, and a 1-1/4" hole saw.

Tape Measure
Tape Measure
   STEP 1  
  Step 1: Determine your vanity placement
With the laser on, mark the center of the tap deck.
   STEP 2  
  Step 2: Locate and mark the location of the studs
From that point, measure 3-1/2" inches to the right and 3-1/2" to the left, marking each spot.
   STEP 3  
  Step 3: drill holes to accommodate drain pipes
With your 1-1/4" hole saw, drill the faucet holes, starting slowly and working up to speed until the acrylic has been fully cut through.


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