How to Attach Feet to a Cast Iron Tub


Assorted Box Wrenches
   STEP 1  
  Carefully lay the tub upside down on towels (or other padding) on the floor so that the bottom of the tub is facing up.  
   STEP 2  
  Slide a dovetail bolt into one of the mounting pods. (A mounting pod can be described as a raised piece on the bottom of the tub with a slot cut into one side.)  
   STEP 3  
  Match the tub foot with the corresponding pod.

Note: It is important that the feet are installed correctly so that the water drains from the tub properly. If the letters on your tub and feet do not match, use the these guides to determine the mounting locations. The letters on your tub feet may differ from the guides.
   STEP 4  
  Slide the foot down over the bolt. Thread a flat washer, locking washer and nut onto the bolt (in that order). Be very careful not to over-tighten the nut, this could strip the bolt.  
   STEP 5  
  After all feet are attached, flip the tub over and allow it to rest on the floor. Be sure to lift the tub by the rim only, never by the feet.  
   STEP 6  
  If the tub feet do not sit flush on the floor, plastic shims may need to be added to the feet. To adjust the tub feet with plastic shims, remove the foot and install a plastic shim between the foot and the foot bolt.

When the foot is aligned properly, secure it to the tub. Trim away any excess plastic.

Still need help?  Check out our How To Install Feet On A Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub video.

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