How to Install a Kitchen Drain

We recommend consulting professional help if you are unfamiliar with installing kitchen fixtures.

Basin Wrench

Damp Cloth

Silicone Sealant
(100% neutral cure)
   STEP 1  
  Disassemble the sink drain assembly and lay the parts aside, in the same order in which they were removed. See the illustration as a reference if needed.  
   STEP 2  
  Apply a bead of 100% neutral cure silicone sealant to the underside of the strainer body.  
   STEP 3  
  Insert the strainer body into the kitchen sink. Firmly press the flange into the drain hole to create a proper seal. Wipe away any excess sealant around the drain using a damp cloth.  
   STEP 4  
  From underneath your sink, slide on the rubber washer, followed by the friction washer, followed by the strainer cup. Hold in place, pressed against the sink.  
   STEP 5  
  Thread the lock nut onto the strainer body. Hand-tighten until secure, then finish tightening with a basin wrench.

Important: If installing your drain into a fireclay sink, or a sink with porcelain enamel, do not overtighten, as it can crack or break your sink.
   STEP 6  
  Secure the strainer body to your P-trap using the plastic washer and compression nut.
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