How to Install a Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

We recommend consulting a professional if you are unfamiliar with installing kitchen fixtures.

Turn off the water supply at the sink where the new faucet is being installed prior to installation.



  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Adjustable Wrench Basin Wrench
  • Basin Wrench

  STEP 1  

  If already attached, remove the lock nut from the faucet body.    

  STEP 2  

  If not already connected, attach the flexible water feed tubes to the tailpiece. Hot water is always on the left and cold water is always on the right. 

  STEP 3  

  If an escutcheon is included, place over the mounting hole. If there is no decorative plate, move on to the next step.    

  STEP 4  

  Thread the faucet through the countertop or sink mounting hole.   

  STEP 5  

  Thread the washer and lock nut onto the tailpiece from underneath the sink. Make sure that the faucet is properly aligned and tighten the nut with your adjustable wrench. For faucets with pull-out sprayers, proceed to step 8.

Note: If there is a separate mounting rod, remove the mounting rod, remove the mounting nut and screw the rod into the faucet body. Thread the rod through the mounting hole and tighten the mounting nut to secure.    

  STEP 6  

  If your faucet features a side spray, install by inserting the sprayer housing and rubber sealing gasket through the mounting hole. Secure by tightening the lock nut from underneath the sink.  

  STEP 7  

  Insert the side spray hose through the sprayer housing and attach to the spray hose outlet on the faucet. Proceed to step 9.

Tip: Before you connect the spray hose to the faucet, make sure that it is in a position that will allow you to pull it out easily without getting caught on any other fixtures under the sink.    

  STEP 8  

  Insert connecting hose to hose outlet on faucet. Thread counterweight through hose and connect to other hose outlet.     

  STEP 9  

  Hand tighten to attach the water feed tubes to the main water supply, being careful not to cross the two during installation. Give a 1/4 turn with pliers or a wrench, but don’t over tighten. Curve tubes as necessary to ensure there are no kinks or knots.    

  STEP 10  

  When your faucet installation is complete, turn on the water supply. Check to make sure that all connections are tight (no water should be leaking) and that the hot and cold supplies are working correctly. Turn the water on and allow the water to flow through the spout for approximately 60 seconds. Divert the water to the spray hose and allow the water to flow through the hose for approximately 60 seconds.



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