What To Do If Your Shower's Body Jets Disperse Uneven Pressure

All body jets installed with a pressure balanced or thermostatic shower valve with diverter must have their own equidistant pressure loop in order to maintain equal flow. If you are experiencing uneven flow where one or more jets has harder or softer pressure than others, you’ll need to ensure they were installed properly using a pressure-balancing loop.

If your jets are installed using a pressure loop and you are still experiencing uneven pressure, you will need to evaluate the functionality of other components of your shower to determine if only the jets are experiencing the issue.

Ensure the proper GPM output for your system is achieved and the water pressure in the home is at least 80psi. If all other components are operating properly, it is possible that the diverter component of the shower needs to be cleaned. For more information on cleaning a diverter cartridge, check out our article here.

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