Water Temperature Troubleshooting: How to Fix an All-Cold or All-Hot Stream

If your shower system is emitting either all-hot or all-cold water, your water inlets may have not been connected properly or your valve may have been installed upside down. When checking the installation, ask yourself the following question:

  •  Is the three-way valve on the top or the bottom? If your hot water is on the left, this should be on the top.

To determine if your faucet lines are installed incorrectly, you can perform this test to determine if cold water is coming to the correct side of the valve. With the main cover plate removed, you will be able to place a finger on the cold and hot inlet pipes of the faucet. The water will need to be on to conduct the following steps:

  1.  Lift the hand-held spray from its holder and point it in a direction away from the tester or the open door of the shower.
  2.  Turn on the hand-held function, then turn the temperature selector until hot water is flowing from the hand-held, being careful not to spray yourself.
  3.  Reach into the opening and place a finger on the RIGHT SIDE supply pipe. If the three-way diverter is the top knob, the right-side pipe should be cold. If this pipe is hot, the water lines are connected improperly and will need to be switched.

If the three-way diverter is located on the bottom and the RIGHT SIDE is cold, the valve has been installed upside down. Depending on the finished state of your wall, you can either flip the valve or have the water lines switched.

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