How to Place an Air Tub Blower Motor

*Signature Hardware recommends that all items be installed by a licensed professional. If you are unfamiliar with air tub installation, please consult an expert.

The motor for the air tub can be placed anywhere within the tub’s vicinity. It is generally installed in a concealed area, such as a created housing box or nearby closet. Security device placement must also be considered when planning proper motor placement. (See below for advice on security device placement.)
If creating a specialty box for concealing the motor, it is recommended that the box area be twice the size of the motor. It should also pull air from a living space, rather than an attic or outside, to prevent the air in the hose from being an uncomfortable temperature or transmitting dust.

Longer distances between the tub and the motor will result in a slight decrease in air pressure, as the air has a longer distance to travel with force. To keep the air from cooling as it travels, you may opt to insulate the hosing.

In extreme cases where more hose is needed, we offer additional lengths of 9’ hose. They can be purchased in addition to the kit to allow motor installation where desired. However, we do not recommend that the total length of the hose between the motor and the tub manifold surpass 15’, as it will severely affect operation.

The motor will have a receiver module that is used to sync to the remote. This module needs to be in plain view of the remote to function properly, but it can be installed in various locations with the length of wire included for installation.

Security Device Placement
The air system includes two hose lengths: 3’ and 9’. The security device is installed between these two lengths.

When installing the security device, it is imperative that it is installed 2” above your tub rim’s lowest point to prevent any backflow of water from making its way to the security device or the motor, potentially resulting in electrocution.

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