How To Install Tub Feet

Installing feet on a cast iron tub is not a difficult process, but it does require patience. Before you begin, due to the nature of cast iron, the process may require an extra supply of steel flat washers, which will be used as shimming material. These can be secured from your local hardware store.
The following terms will help you best understand the process:

Pod. There are four (4) blocks of cast iron on the underside of the tub. Each has a dovetail-shaped slot. The foot is secured to the pod.

Dovetail bolt. There should be four (4) of these. They slide into the slot of the pod. Each bolt should include a nut, a flat washer, and a split lock washer.

Tub Foot. There should be four (4) feet.

Foot Tang. This is the flat part of the foot that accepts the dovetail bolt. The mounting nut is tightened against the tang.

Decorative Fan. This is the decorative portion of the foot that usually rests against (but not completely flush to) the side wall of the bathtub.

First, examine the feet to determine if they are the same length or two different lengths. If they are the same length, check to see if there are letters marked on the feet. Then, see if those letters correspond with any letters on the pods.

If they are different lengths, the shorter feet go on the drain end of the tub.

Prepare the area with a drop cloth and have a non-abrasive surface for the tub to rest against. Depending on the weight of your tub, you will need a few extra people to help you gently turn the tub upside down so that it’s resting on its rim.

Place the tang of the foot onto the pod and adjust the fan so it provides the best appearance for assembly. Move and pivot the foot for the best fit. Note the space between the tang and the pod; If a space exists, this space MUST be filled with steel washers and/or shimming material to avoid the foot pulling away from the body of the tub.

Then, pull the foot from the pod, install the dovetail bolt, and add any necessary washers for shimming. Repeat this process for the remaining three (3) feet.

When the feet have been adjusted, tighten the mounting nut. Finally, with the help of others, turn the tub right side up. Do NOT pick up the tub using the feet.

For a more detailed guide, watch our video, "How to Install Feet on a Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub."

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