How To Keep Your Jets From Turning On

Signature Hardware recommends that all items be installed by a licensed professional. If you are unfamiliar with air tub installation, please consult an expert before troubleshooting yourself.

Your air tub has a purge cycle that comes on every 24 hours to clean out the air jets and keep them dry. However, this can be disruptive and startling if you’re not expecting it. If you prefer to turn off the purge cycle, you will need to have your licensed professional install the cancellation jumper that was included with your order onto the motor. Once the jumper is installed, the purge cycle will no longer operate. To keep your jets clean and operating properly, we do recommend running your jets for at least 5 minutes after each use. This will not harm your tub or your jets.

If your cancellation jumper is already installed, it may need to be replaced. For additional assistance, you can contact our Customer Relations team by emailing, live chatting us at, or giving us a call at 855-715-1800.


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