Jets Not Working - Multiple Jets

Jets Not Working – Multiple Jets

What To Do If Your Air Jets Are Not Working

New Installation:
Signature Hardware recommends that all items be installed by a licensed professional. If you are unfamiliar with air tub installation, please consult an expert before troubleshooting yourself.

If you have just installed your air tub and your jets are not working, you will first need to make sure that the motor is working properly. To do this, remove the air hose from the motor and check to see that it is producing air. If there is no air coming from the motor, you will need to contact our customer relations team by emailing, live chatting with us at, or giving us a call at 855-715-1800.

If air is coming from the motor but not from the jets, you will need to check the hose coming from the security device for holes, blockages, or improper installation. If you are unable to locate the cause, you will need to contact our customer relations team using one of the aforementioned channels.

Previously Installed:
If your air jets were working during initial installation and have now failed, it may be that your ball bearings have become stuck. Before you begin, it is best to understand how the air jets in your tub function; Inside of each jet is a stainless-steel ball bearing that rests in a funnel-shaped, brass base. The purpose of this bearing is to prevent water from flowing into the jet and filling the air tubes beneath the tub. When the air pump is operating, air flows around the bearing and exits the jet cover. 

When the tub is used, soap and other additives to the bathwater can settle onto the stainless-steel bearing. If this is permitted to dry in place, it can create a blockage, sealing the bearing into the funnel, effectively closing off any air passage. To avoid this, we suggest operating the air pump for at least five minutes after the water has drained from the tub. This will not harm the pump or your jets.

Freeing the ball bearing:
Different approaches can be taken to free the ball bearing once it has become stuck. These techniques have been listed in recommended order so you can try the least invasive and time-consuming options first.

Water and Vinegar Solution:
With the air jets off, fill the tub with water to just above the air jets. Add in one cup of white vinegar to the water and mix. Run your air jets for 5-10 minutes. The vinegar solution should dissolve any blockages holding the ball bearing in place.

Vacuum Method:
With no water in the tub and the jet function off, place the hose of a Shop-Vac over the clogged jet. Turn on the Shop-Vac and start the air pump using the remote control for the tub’s jet system. Using the soft side of your fist, firmly strike the floor of the tub near the vacuum hose. The combination of vibration, suction from the Shop-Vac, and the pressure from the air pump should free the ball bearing.

Rubber Mallet Method:
With no water in the tub and the jet function off, place a thick washcloth or rag over the surface of the jet cap. Once the cloth is in place, turn on your air jets. Using a rubber mallet, firmly strike the jet cap. The combination of air pressure and vibration should loosen the ball bearing.


Disassembly Method:
*For this method, a thin putty knife, small flat screwdriver, and long-nosed pliers or tweezers will be required.

With no water in the tub and the jet function off, place the putty knife onto the floor of the tub up against the jet cap. Place the thin screwdriver under the cap and pry against the putty knife. The putty knife is not used to remove the cap but instead will prevent the screwdriver from scratching the tub surface.

With the cap removed, using a pair of long-nosed pliers or tweezers, pull the cross piece of plastic out of the jet; the ball bearing is located under this piece. DO NOT REMOVE THE BRASS PIECE. 

Using a toothpick or tweezers, try to dislodge the ball bearing from the brass funnel. If unable to reach the bearing, you can again use the Shop-Vac to pull the bearing loose, this time without the restriction of the jet cap. We recommend emptying the container of your Shop-Vac prior so you can easily locate the bearing.

With the ball bearing removed from the jet body, using a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol, clean the jet. Also, place the ball bearing(s) in rubbing alcohol covering them completely. Ensure all parts are cleaned of any residue. Allow the parts to dry completely before reassembling.

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