How To Stop Lights From Flickering

Signature Hardware recommends all items be installed by a licensed professional. Please consult an electrician if you are unfamiliar with installing electrical items.

If your lighting fixture or medicine cabinet is flickering after being installed to a dimmer switch, it may mean that your LED lights are not compatible with it. Depending on which lights you use, it is important to know that many LEDs do not work in conjunction with a dimmer switch. To solve this, make sure you purchase dimmable LED lamps.

Additionally, dimmer switches can interrupt the sensor function on lighted medicine cabinets. If your lights won’t turn on at all, or if your sensor is not working, we recommend using it with a standard light switch.

If you do not have a dimmer switch installed, or this is not a new installation, you should first consult an electrician. If a replacement is required, please contact us by emailing, live chatting us at, or by calling 855-715-1800.

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