Caring For Your Shower System

Your shower system should require little maintenance, but there are some care practices you can follow that will ensure your shower is performing at its best. Never use cleaning chemicals when caring your shower, mild dish soap and water will keep it looking beautiful.

Depending on frequency of use and the type of water in your home, you may need to occasionally soak your shower head and/or hand shower to remove build up or deposits. To do so, unscrew the item from the rest of the system. If a wrench is needed, wrap the item in a soft cloth to keep it safe from any scratching. Soak the item in a 50/50 water and white vinegar solution overnight. Once done soaking, rinse with cool water and reinstall.

Your shower has a cartridge that regulates temperature, and if you have multiple shower components like a hand shower or jets, your shower will have a diverter cartridge as well. Due to debris build up that can sometimes come from water lines, you may need to occasionally rinse cartridges for best performance. For step-by-step instructions visit our How To Clean A Clogged Shower Valve Cartridge  guide.

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